Revival of Textualism in the Interpretation of Restrictive Instruments

In the context of the recent USSC judgment overturning Roe v Wade, this piece looks at the use of textualism as employed by the bench therein and contrasts it with the Indian use of Textualism as a tool for Constitutional interpretation. Having often been at the receiving end of most criticism, Textualism, this piece argues can be revived as a valid and legitimate tool of interpretation.


’21 Week 10 (06/03 – 12/03)

The past week has been fraught with judgements from various High Courts, the Supreme Court, the European Court of Justice and more. The subject of these judgements range from the Arbitration and Conciliation Act to the air pollution limits in the European Union. Apart from these, the updates also cover policy developments in countries like Spain, Germany and Switzerland. Hope you enjoy reading the updates and curated list of suggested readings!