Greetings! We are pleased to present ‘TeLawgram’, our new weekly segment focussing on events of legal importance – in India and elsewhere. For your ease, we will be providing a brief summary of events, as well as a reading list that explores different points of view. With TeLawgram, we hope to both inform readers and expand the debate. Feel free to peruse our Call for Papers and Webinars Section. Happy Reading!

’22 April Round-Up (Weeks 2-4)

Hello! Telawgram, this month takes you through Supreme Court and High Court decisions, arbitration proceedings, insurance disputes, maritime matters and more. The readings will give you a wide range of content – from private international law to general principles of criminal law and more! Happy Reading!

’22 Week 5(01/04 – 07/04)

Hello everyone! The past week has seen several developments in various realms of law! We travel from Delhi to Oklahoma to examine John Doe orders, competition law investigations abortion laws, international criminal trials and much more! Happy reading!

’22 March Round-up

Greetings! We are delighted to be back! The past month has seen several developments ranging from the introduction of the Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill in Lok Sabha, Karnataka High Court’s hijab row verdict to the ICJ order to immediately suspend the invasion of Ukraine. Touching upon the nuances of criminal law, competition law, constitutional law,…


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