Greetings! We are pleased to present ‘TeLawgram’, our new weekly segment focussing on events of legal importance – in India and elsewhere. For your ease, we will be providing a brief summary of events, as well as a reading list that explores different points of view. With TeLawgram, we hope to both inform readers and expand the debate. Feel free to peruse our Call for Papers and Webinars Section. Happy Reading!

You’ve Got TeLawgram: 2020 Roundup

2020 was a tough year for all of us. Regardless, the world has marched on. Countless changes have been wrought worldwide, in all spheres, including law. In furtherance of our goal of providing our readers with updates, we have collected the largest updates over the past year, in India, and have presented them with a curated reading list for your perusal.
Happy Reading!

20.11.20 – 27.11.20

Hello, this past week has seen several developments ranging from the Madras High Court passing an interim order against sexual advertisements to the EU Court of Justice finding fleeing military draft as a ground for granting asylum. Happy Reading!

13.11.20 – 19.11.20

Hello, this past week has seen several developments ranging from the Tamil Nadu Government considering regulating online gambling to the Asia Pacific states entering into a Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Happy Reading!


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