A Need for a Close Scrutiny in Combinations Involving a Maverick Firm

Akash Thomas Jose Introduction Antitrust regulators across the world have recognised the role of a Maverick firm in enhancing competition, which proves beneficial to serving the objective of antitrust regulations, i.e., increasing consumer welfare. Maverick firms thus satisfy the said objective by playing a ‘disruptive role’ in the market, as they have a greater economic […]


Independence of Party Appointed Expert: The Unsettled Law in International Arbitration

Harshal Sareen Introduction The issue of independence of party-appointed experts is at the forefront of debate and discussion amongst arbitration enthusiasts and policy drafters. The question of whether or not there is a need for independence in relation to a party-appointed expert is still unclear. However, the opinion seems to be divided regarding the requirement […]

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Can the Padmanabhaswamy verdict free Hindu temples?

Pratyush Kumar Jena &Vishal Choudhury On 13th July 2020, a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court delivered its judgement in the Padmanabhaswamy Temple case. The case was pending before the Court since the decision of the Kerala High Court on 31st January 2011, which the Apex court has now overturned. The case dealt with some […]

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The Quality of Mercy and Section 433A: The Haryana Government’s Remission Policy

Ishani Shekhar & Pravah Ranka In a recent happening, a remission policy of the Haryana government mandating premature release of life convicts, came before the Supreme Court in Pyare Lal v. State of Haryana.[i] This policy decision dated 02.08.2019 was passed by the Governor in pursuance of the powers under Article 161 of the Indian […]