Influence of Technology on Sports: A Policy Based Perspective, by Wilfred Synrem

Down the years, technology has not only impacted sports but has also nourished it. It has invariably influenced sports both positively and negatively. Positive, in the sense, with the aid of technology, the sport can now be made more efficient or quantifiable. On the contrary, the negative influence is witnessed in the form of cheating, where the spirit of the game can inevitably be lost. This paper seeks to elucidate both these influences, predominantly by analyzing and inspecting such recent technologies. The author would be testing the impact of such technologies through a legal analysis i.e. determining whether the implemented technology is well regulated by legislation or not. In addition to the critical issues of data protection and doping, powerful technologies of wearables, Biological Passports, LZR swimsuits, Prostheses, and even Hypoxic Environments, have been elucidated and debated upon. All with the objective to prove that there might exist a phase lag between technology and its controlling legislations.  

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